Week 3 - 09/04

Date: Sep 4th - Sep 6th

Due to Labor Day, we will not have in-person classes this week (all sections). For Monday sections, this recorded class will replace the final class on Dec 4th.

What we will cover

In this session, we will discuss potential issues with regressions, such as outliers. Finally, we will talk about models with discrete outcomes, and how we can tackle some of these issues.

  • Frost, J. (2019). “5 Ways to Find Outliers in Your Data” Note: You can skip the “Finding outliers with hypothesis tests” section

  • StatQuest. (2018). “Logistic Regression”. Note: Start at the 3:09 mark (Important: A logistic regression is NOT the same as a regression with a log(Y) outcome, as seen on the previous class)

Class Videos

  • All about outliers
  • Binary Outcomes: How to interpret coefficients in a LPM
  • Binary Outcomes: Issues with LPM


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New window Download


Download the R Script for the “in-class” exercise here:


Here is the full R script for this class, with some additional questions:


You can also follow along the coding video to see how we answer some of the in-class exercises!

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