I will be making short videos to help you solve some common issues in R coding, but also with respect to the class material, as needed.

Scatter plot?

In this video, I go over scatter plots and, in particular, how to do a scatter plot with two groups.

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  • Here you can find names of colors for R (but you can also use HEX colors)

Cleaning data?

It’s very important to have a good grasp on some basic tidyverse functions, such as filter and mutate. In this video, I go through them with a toy data set that is easy to undertand

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Logarithms and Regressions: Interpretation

Short explanation on how to interpret coefficients and associations when Y or X (or both!) are in logarithms. Note: Only watch until the 3:21 mark.

Logarithms and Regressions: The why

In this video I briefly go through the math of why we interpret changes in logarithms as percentage changes.


What is this strange word and can we see it in data? What are the implications in terms of inference? Let’s see!

Difference between percentage points and percent?

Let’s go over the difference between a percentage point change and a percent change, and when do we use each in the context of regressions.

Setting a seed

Setting a seed is very important to make sure your results can be replicated. In this short video I show you how this works and some considerations to keep in mind!

Week 10: In-class exercise

Let’s review the in-class exercise for Week 10. Here, I answer the most common questions about the code, so follow along (you can also skip through the different questions!).

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